Tom Emmett is a Brisbane/Sydney based artist and designer whose practice primarily involves sculpture and draws upon the landscape and the Anthropocene. His designs are characterised by subtle forms which are the result of the function, process, the human touch and playfulness between these elements. 

Emmett_Portrait_Tony Philips.jpg

Having grown up in Queensland spending considerable time along the coast, he studied at Central Saint Martins, London, before being drawn back to the Australian landscape and completing his design studies at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane. As a teenager he was introduced to surfing, and the symbiosis of man and nature has remained with him since, becoming the prime influence and inspiration for his works.

Whilst at university he began exhibiting across Australia including the Swell Sculpture Festival at Queensland’s Currumbin Beach. The body of work that followed was influenced by coastal formations and phenomena, developing into work shown at Strand Ephemera on Queensland’s tropical north coast.

Recent works include a public building façade artwork at the Brisbane Showgrounds in Brisbane, responding to the meaning of the site and its magnetic attraction of people from many areas and backgrounds.

Jan 2018