Bone- Reconfigurable Structures

Bone derives from a thesis titled ‘Design and Longevity’, in particular object design. From this paper a brief was extracted for a set of objects that can, through repetition, create different sized structures which perform different tasks, depending on the scale and form the structure takes.

Change is the basic nature of all things. For an object to truly embody the values of ‘longevity and design’ it has to adhere to the principle of change also. 

The Bone System is designed to create different structures than can be modified, enlarged and shrunk by the user by removing or adding ‘bones’. Possible configurations include a bookshelf, garden shed, wall partition, lattice, table, bed, bench and fence. 

Because every structure uses the same components, the implications are that there is no waste; the user can change their structures completely, or can give away/sell unwanted components for others to use. Since the user controls the final object, there is no issue with changing ownership of the parts. 

If manufactured and applied to domestic, commercial and public spaces, the Bone System can replace existing models of furniture and construction and lead the way to a more sustainable society, lessening its consumeristic tendencies. 

Engineered from cast aluminium, the Bones are designed to last many decades, and if damaged, can be melted down to produce other objects.

Each Bone is powder coated with specific hues which the user can choose from to construct with. This allows each structure to be individual, unique and the creation of the user, whilst still being mass produced and standardised. 

A range of accessories including various feet, angled connectors and straight extrusions accompany the Bone allowing for infinite possibilities and use for the user and future users of the parts.