Bowl 1

Bowl 1 _Double.jpg

Bowl 1 is a hand spun vessel from copper. It embodies the Japanese concept of emptiness whereby the owner chooses how the object is used.  We use the bowl for coins and keys, desk stationary, nuts and other snacks and a incense/mosquito coil holder. 

Inspired by the hues of the Australian landscape, Bowl 1 comes in a range of colours including orange, yellow and shades of brown and purple. Each object is individually spun and heat treated. Variations occur because of this hand made process including the surface corrugations and variations in colour and composition.

We have worked closely with an Australian metal spinner to produce these objects by hand. Akin to throwing clay, a flat sheet of metal is raised by spinning and being pushed on to a form. Spinning lines are left in the product to communicate its conception and also allows each object to be unique. Copper is traditionally a metal used in spinning because of its inherent softness and malleability. As the object ages, the surface reacts with the atmosphere and develops a unique patina. 

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