Two Figures In The Landscape

The Australian bush truly is an alive place, buzzing with insects and birds and the trees whistling in the wind. Come the Summer though it turns to a place of danger and death; scorching heats, blazing bushfires and droughts. The landscape though, resilient and sturdy, survives and continues to grow and live.

Two Figures In The Landscape is a work that portrays two trees as living beings. Tall, upright and upward reaching, the figures have subtle curves, reflecting their physical attributes. The swirling, rough skin of the figures represents the oppressive nature of their environment, almost scar like, creating a more emotive and expressive piece by celebrating the reality it faces daily. A tortured beauty emanates from the work, a feeling the bush gives off too.

Direct carved from two pine fence-posts, the work is a deep orange-red hue, referencing the earth and how everything grows from it.

The two figures standing next to each other refer to a couple and the notion of trust and love, whilst also creating a conversation in space as the two forms speak to each other.