SWELL Sculpture Festival: Hang Ten (Love Isn't Only A Feeling)


Hang Ten (Love Isn't Only A Feeling) exhibited on Currumbin Beach as part of SWELL Sculpture Festival.

Hang Ten (Love Isn't Only A Feeling) 2016. Polyurethane Foam, Fibreglass

When I see the Australian landscape I see a living being, a living entity. Inland, the vertical, elongated trees, the voluptuous and voluminous hills and mountains and boulders all breathe and exert their own energies. On the beach I see the sand as a living body; constantly changing and morphing, drifting north along the East Coast. Here I picture and imagine the wind blowing the sand along the flat beach, twisting upwards to create a figure, ephemerally dancing and hovering in space. The spirit of the beach is manifested. 

Carved from a reject surfboard blank (graded as a reject at the blank factory and therefore surfboard shapers wouldn't use it), the foam underwent a transformation to metamorphose into the figure of a longboarder with their arms stretched out overhead, as they glide along the waves. The surfer (and surfboard) are the most natural or in tune human figures to the beach and that is why I chose surfboard construction and the figure of a surfer for this piece.