Travel Together 

Travel Togther_Corner

The artwork responds to the place and living history of the Brisbane Showgrounds, a site that draws in people and goods from many different backgrounds and places. The various nodes or voids on the perimeters of the façade represent both the physical locations but also the different experiences and knowledges that are brought in to the Showgrounds for its many events, most particurly the Ekka.

The Brisbane Showgrounds occupy the core of the artwork; the site is alive, both as a place and a symbol. Travel Together communicates this via its flowing pulsing curves and lines. 

The title Travel Together conveys a sense of connectedness, community and movement. These elements are all central to the notion of the Showgrounds. Although people trvel from many different regions to gather here, they collectively make the pilgrimage. Traveling into the melting pot of people, stories, experiences and goods, the individual parts become the whole. 

Travel Together
1800 m2
King St, Bowen Hills. Brisbane

Travel Together was developed with Lendlease, The Buchan Group, Brisbane Showgrounds, QUT and QCA. 

Alexandria St
Machinery St